Once you and your dog use one of our training programs, you become part of the family. This means that you are now eligible to use our boarding, train and play and socialization classes. These services are exclusive to clients only. This way, the structure is already learned by the dog and understood by the owner and it allows for a safe environment and as a continuous learning and training experience.

Unlike at a kennel or boarding facility, where your dog will remain in a small confinement for most of the day with little interaction and no training, we specialize in providing your dog with a carefully crafted routine that is uniquely structured to create balance and harmony in your dog and, as a result, within your household.

During your dog’s stay with us, they will enjoy a structured walk, carefully supervised playtime with other dogs, maintenance of any rules and training that your dog already has in place. All dogs will be in the care of a seasoned, professional trainer, sleep in a climate-controlled area for maximum comfort, and are monitored on our state wireless camera system for quality and safety assurance.

Of course, as a client, you will enjoy an added perk! We offer concierge pick up / drop off at your residence 24 hours a day, at no extra charge. (no more worries about rushing to pick up or drop your dog off!)

For busy dog owners on the go, our Pet Concierge is an ideal option: we will pet taxi your dog to their appointments (vet, groomer, etc) and bring them back to your home! No more missed appointments or spending your day off at the vet’s office.

Our concierge services include:

  • Pet transportation: One way or round trip, we’ll transport your pet to your veterinarian, boarding and grooming appointments, or just take them to you or your family.
  • Pet supply delivery: We’ll pick up your pet’s medications, food or supplies, and deliver them to your home.

Socialize your dog without the chaos and uncertainty of dog parks and daycares. Proper socialization is important in all aspects of a dog’s life and daily routine; Your dog will have the chance to socialize with other well trained, calm dogs. This will promote a more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

Have exclusive access to refresher training, advanced dog obedience classes, get certified in pet CPR/First aid, nutrition advice, and have the chance to attend our aftercare classes, where you will have the chance to polish your dog’s obedience, and get to meet other DogWorx graduates, who share the same love for their dogs as you do, even make new friends! 

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